Blog 123 – Overcoming Your Challenges Series Promo!


This week I want to go into depth about overcoming huge challenges. I’m going to use my fundraising cycle journey across the North Island of New Zealand as my example. The story will be spread out over the week into different stages.

Planning to do the solo bike ride, training for It physically, thinking about the money it all cost and making the decision that I was definitely going to go through with it, mentally preparing myself for the isolation, getting sponsorships and raising awareness, starting the ride, and ultimately finishing the ride.

Each section will be thought out in depth with respect to very specific things which seriously made an impact as to whether or not I would safely make it, and identify some very key stages when I almost believed that it was all just too much to handle.

I want to do this because I believe everyone should be encouraged and inspired to do something remarkable too. Everyone should feel a sense of accomplishment. Because if this lazy old bastard can do It, what are your excuses?

I look forward to going on this journey with you! Each blog will be slightly smaller than the rest but jam-packed with some helpful tips as to when what and how I was able to pull off this bike ride and ultimately overcome my challenges. Look for tonnes of content soon.

Thanks for checking in!

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